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Naomoto FB-8S Vacuum Table With Iron

Naomoto FB-8S Vacuum Table With Iron

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  • Self-contained vacuum
  • Complete with pump iron and pump assembly
  • Instant plug-in use
  • Functions vacuum while ironing
  • Vacuum foot control table
  • Weight 75 pounds or 33 kilos
  • Dimensions 1235×385×870mm

NAOMOTO SUPER CD TECHNOLOGY, Enables the excellent ironing with wide range temperature and for any kinds of fabric.
Even if the ironing at low temperature (110℃, 230゜F) is required, it is possible to iron without wearing Teflon Shoe and worrying about condensation drops forever.
Excellent steam and heat make wrinkles smoothed out in no time.
User friendly product - Drainage and water feeding hose are combined into one hose.
You can easily and finely adjust the steam volume by swing lever, push lever and feather touch type switch. 
110V 1PH or 220V 1PH
Handle with Steam On/Off switch and front open-end design
Handle is made of urethane that allows sure grip. It is also de-signed to fit even in lady's hand. Open-front handle allows ease of ironing hard-to-reach places like cuffs and other tiny areas. And it also enables prompt press works.
Heat Protector
This made of heat-resistant materials to protect operator's hand from the heat radiated by iron.
Steam volume control dial
When ironing thicker fabrics and sweaters larger volume of steam-flow is required. By dial, you can regulate steam-flow volume freely as pressing material demands.
Sole plate
Taflon coated bottom surface makes ironing works quite smooth as if sliding on fabrics, and this also prolongs its service life.
Thermostat temperature control dial
NAOMOTO'S unique IC electronic thermostat is equipped on the iron. It has extremely long service-life and regulates temperature with precision of only 2 degree celcius allowance.
US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

Voltage 110v/220v
Iron 1000W
Motor output 65W
Pump motor 10w
Work area 1045x200x385mm
Dimensions W1235xD385xH870mm
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